Perfect Passover Program

Join us for a wonderful and intimate Pesach experience - from the balloon twisting clown that greets you in the lobby when you arrive, till Yom Tov's Gala end, our program offers a wide selection of choice entertainment for your pleasure, with non-stop activities planned to suit all tastes and ages.

Enjoy the stimulation of our thought provoking shiurim, outstanding series of speeches, and interesting lectures... Rejoice at our exquisite traditional Sedorim, exquisitely prepared and impeccably served... Feel inspired at our stirring Pesach davening services led by Cantor Nachman Shneider... Participate in motivational and parenting workshops, or simcha dancing, pilates, aerobics and exercise classes... Continue with your daily learning and Daf Yomi... ... Delight the family with game shows, animal shows, hay rides, and food demonstrations and workshops...Partake in a gala kosher wine tasting event...

Thank you for the music...

Capture the spirit of Yom Tov with the joyous sounds of music: The soft strains of the violin, the beautiful harmonies of our a' capella group melodiously singing zemiros in concert, the piano instrumentalist, the dynamic singers and vocalists, and the exhilarating voice of Chazzan Nachman Shneider with his diverse repertoires of cantorial, popular and congregational song.

Let's Be Entertained

Featuring a star studded cast of nightly entertainment with comedians and humorists for your amusement, a hypnotist and illusionist, and a Motzei Yom Tov Concert featuring Yoel Sharabi, our incomparable program will provide you with Yom Tov memories to cherish forever!

Savor each flavorful moment at Mendy Vims Holidays for Passover 2015, a mouth-watering Passover celebration of gourmet Glatt Kosher Cuisine

Gourmet Glatt Kosher Cuisine

Sit back and savor each flavorful moment. Traditional, fantastical, or unusual, from the first moments of your arrival at Erev Pesach Eve's lavish hot and cold buffet through the superb grand farewell continental breakfast on Isru Chag's morn, you'll be treated to a superb bouquet of lavish dishes and foods, beautifully prepared and impeccably served.

The ambiance is elegant, with impeccable table linens and china, crystal stemware, flawless service and gracious hospitality. From our exquisite Seders, our traditional matzo ball soup, to our unusual pastry creations, our Chefs delight in creating haute cuisine, with a mouth-watering blend of new exotic and traditional favorites, made with the freshest local and regional ingredients.

Legendary service and outstanding hospitality are standard for us at Mendy Vims Holidays for Passover

Impeccable Service

Our service is legendary; our cuisine, exquisite. From beautifully led traditional Seders replete with matzo and wine, to our gala Yom Tov Morning Kiddushim (a not-to-be-missed-event), throughout one amazing holiday meal after another, you’ll be treated to a festival of incomparable culinary experience. Our Pastry Chef delights in creating an abundant assortment of tasty cakes and stunning pastries that look as good as they taste.

Our Tea Room Hospitality Suite is continually stocked with coffee, cakes and fruit to satisfy every in-between-meals need. For our guests on the go, we additionally offer wonderful boxed lunches, with your choice of menu, for your Chol Hamoed excursions.

Program Highlights

Guthrie Brothers

The Guthrie brothers singing a Simon & Garfinkel tribute show

Two brothers who have been playing and singing together since they were kids, composing and writing harmony-driven guitar songs about events in our lives. They're famous for their Simon and Garfunkel tribute, singing all their major sonings including the ever popular Scarborough fair.

Child's Play

The Guthrie brothers singing a Simon & Garfinkel tribute show

All the world's a stage at the Saratoga Springs' Children's Museum, where kids can play pretend banker, run a grocery store, or dish out food at a 1950's style classic diner. Check out the Silly Science lab, slide down the fire pole, put on a real firefighters coat, jump onto the fire truck and you’re off. There's a miniature schoolhouse for serious arts-and-crafters, a child size replica of Congress park, and many more activities, sure to delight kids of all ages.

Piano Playing in the lobby

Piano playing in the lobby at both hotels for Passover

Enjoy chatting with family and friends with the sounds of live ambient background music, with piano playing in the lobby.

Yoel Sharabi

Yoel Sharabi entertaining our Passover guests at Mendy Vim Holidays

Yoel Sharabi, a native Sabra, has captivated audiences throughout the world with his wide repertoire and dynamic style. He is a master of modern Israeli, classic Yemenite, and popular Chassidic melodies. Delivering his songs in a variety of languages and styles, his charisma brings excitement to his music.

Tee Time

The Leatherstocking Golf Course at the Otesaga

The on site 9-hole championship Pomperaug Golf Course means you never have to travel to enjoy a great game of golf. The course will challenge golfers of all skill levels, featuring natural contour terrain that sweeps along the rolling hills with views from various elevations, guests are assured of a great golfing experience.


Hazzan Nachman Shneider

Hazzan Nachman Shneider

Cantor Nachman Schneider currently serves as the cantor of Congregation Beth Israel of Brooklyn. Having assumed his first cantorial position at the age of seventeen, he has also held cantorial posts at prestigious congregations such as Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst, and Shomrei Emunah of Brooklyn. In addition to his regular position, he routinely accepts engagements as a cantor-in-residence in a wide variety of settings including Park East Synagogue, Synagogue for the Arts, and Mendy Vim’s Holidays. Cantor Schneider will be leading the Seder and the davening for us in a stirring recital of his own memorable syle.

Boating on Lake Saratoga

boating on Lake Saratoga

Saratoga Lake offers great boating opportunities off the bordering marinas. Experience a day on the crystal waters of Saratoga Lake. Going fishing? Saratoga Lake boasts one of the best fishing spots in the region. The lake is excellent for bass fishing and the deepest section of the lake is 96 feet. The Lake is also stocked with over 8 million walleye, and the weed beds framing the shoreline are great for anglers fishing northern pike. Land Bound? Take a walk along the scenic Burl trail along the Kayaderosseras Creek or pack your boxed lunch and picnic at Brown's beach, it has a shallow launch area picnic tables and a volleyball area is available.

Road Biking and Mountain Biking

mountain bicycling

Northwestern Connecticut is home to some of the best biking in Connecticut. Check out your mountain bike at our Fitness Center/Pool area, and enjoy bicycling through gorgeous scenery offered by our location , filled with rolling hills, babbling brooks and more challenging climbs.  Bikers of all ages and ability levels will be able to enjoy the the multitude of trails available, from cycling routes along our rural, scenic roadways to mountain biking on "off-the-beaten path" trails. Whether you are riding to see how far you can push yourself, or just cycling through the countryside, bike riding at the Heritage is not to be missed!