Every tradition has a Beginning

Ours was founded on outstanding service.

It all began in 1974 at our first Passover Hotel holiday celebration, at Chalet Vim in Woodbourne, New York.

Fulfilling the Kosher family's growing demand for an all-inclusive, superior-quality Passover Hotel experience, Mendy combined his considerable prior hotel management experience with his terrific flair for 'pulling it all together', and 'Mendy Vim's Holidays' was born.

And so our Passover tradition began. Forty years later, our 42-year-tradition of caring and experience is deeply embedded in every Passover program, and is evident in everything we do.

It's no surprise that many of our guests keep coming back!


Terrific hospitality and excellent service is the norm at every Glatt Kosher Passover Hotel program we do, in the  Mendy Vim's Holidays  tradition of outstanding Passover Hotel programs for over 40 years
A mouth-watering blend of exotic and traditional Passover favorites

Hospitality is our Passion

From Maine to Savannah, or Newport to Colorado, at each inspiring locale we pay close attention to your every detail and provide superb hospitality with attentive and immaculate service. Blessed with the 'personal touch', Mendy (and our team) treat each guest as part of our family, with a warm and intimate atmosphere and the utmost attention to your needs. Our many guests, from the tri-state area, Boston, California, and abroad return to us each Pesach for a wonderful experience to relive their special memories, and to create new memories once more.

Dedicated and caring staff where your every need is met at Mendy Vim's Passover Holiday vacations, in  Connecticut or New Jersey
Elegant ambiance and impeccable service

Because we Care

Our caring and dedicated staff take pride in enhancing your Pesach Yom Tov experience. Do you have a special request? Can't find your activity? Do you need special seating? Talk to any one of our committed professional staff, and we'll take care of all your concerns. We're here to help. Our warm and gracious hospitality hostesses, dining room hostesses, and immaculate wait staff are experienced in providing the utmost in service.

Whether it's your first year with us or your second, fourth, or fortieth, we look forward to welcoming you to an incomparable holiday experience. Let us give you a chance to settle in, celebrate, relax, and reconnect with your loved ones, for isn't that what traditions are all about?

Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt MD

Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD, assistant Rabbi at South Shore in Hewlett, New York and notable scholar-in-residence at Mendy Vim's Holidays for Passover 2016(Claridge Hotel) Rabbi Dr. Glatt is the Associate Rabbi at Congregation Anshei Chesed and Assistant to the Rabbi at the Young Israel of Woodmere. He has been giving a Daf Yomi shiur for almost 25 years, and also gives a weekly gemara be’iyun shiur, daily halacha shiurim, as well as many other classes. Most recently, he began a daily on-line Mishnah Brurah Yomi Shiur through OU Torah.

An international lecturer on medical and halachic issues, Rabbi Dr. Glatt has authored two seforim, Visiting the Sick: A halachic and medical guide - with down to earth advice, and Women in the Talmud. (both available at www.artscroll.com) He received semicha from HaRav Avraham Tzvi Wosner, shlita, at Machon LeTorah Vehora’ah.

Rabbi Dr. Glatt is a board certified infectious diseases physician and is currently the Chairman of Medicine at South Nassau Communities Hospital and a spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Previously, he was the head of Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Center, and President & CEO of St. Joseph Hospital, both part of Catholic Health Services of Long Island.

He has also served as a full Professor of Clinical Medicine and former Associate Dean at NY Medical College.


Rabbi Dovid Hirsch

Rabbi Dovid Hirsch, Morah D’Asra of Kehillas Beis Yosef of Passaic-Clifton, New   Jersey, scholar-in-residence at Mendy Vim's Holidays Passover 2016(Heritage Resort) Rabbi Dovid Hirsch is a Rosh Yeshiva at Rabbeinu Isaac Elchanan Seminary, Yeshiva University in New York City. He is also Morah D’Asra of Kehillas Beis Yosef of Passaic-Clifton, New Jersey. Rabbi Hirsch has been a scholar -in- residence and guest speaker throughout the U.S. and Israel.

He is married to Miriam Hirsch and has five daughters. This will be his seventh Pesach with Mendy Vim’s Holidays.

Steve Savitsky

Steve Savitsky of 'Savitsky talks', former chairman of the OU, noted lecturer, and scholar-in-residence at Mendy Vim's Holidays Passover 2016(Heritage Resort) Steve Savitsky was either president or chairman of the board of the Orthodox Union from  2002 thru 2014. He has spoken in hundreds of shuls, conventions and  torah retreats throughout the world. He was the founder of the Kew Garden Hills eruv, President of the Va'ad Hakashruth of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway, Chairman of Ohr Torah High School,  member of the Board of  Governors of the Jewish Agency, first Vice President of Bnai Zion Foundation and many other organizations.

He has written articles and op ed pieces for publications across the Jewish spectrum. His program, 'Savitsky talks' appears on the OU website  and  deals with the pressing issues affecting the orthodox Jewish world.

Professionally he is the founder and  president of ATC Healthcare, a nationwide provider of medical staffing. He has a undergraduate  degree from Yeshiva University and an MBA from Baruch School of Business with a major in Finance and Marketing.

Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz
Director, Jewish Crossroads

Shlomo Horwitz, Director of Jewish Crossroads outreach program for adults and teens at Mendy Vim's Holidays for Passover 2016(Claridge Hotel) Shlomo Horwitz has over 25 years of experience in Jewish education and outreach for both adults and youth, getting his start by working with street kids in a Tel Aviv slum during the '82 war in Lebanon. His Jewish Crossroads program has successfully impacted thousands of adults and teens throughout the USA, Canada, England and Israel, guiding them to explore and discover the beauty of Judaism. Shlomo has personally delivered each of the presentations in a variety of venues including synagogues, college campuses, school assemblies, overnight camps and Shabbatonim.

A product of Yeshivat Sha'alvim in Israel and a musmach of Yeshivat Ner Yisrael in Baltimore, Shlomo is a CPA and works full-time as a director at a research firm which consults to the US and foreign governments. He conducts a daily Talmud class in Baltimore which features a prominent group of sassy and opinionated adults that he loves. He is an avid urban kayaker, in season.

Rabbi Binyomin Davis

Rabbi Binyomin Davis, managing director of Eitz Chaim in PA at Mendy Vim's Holidays for Passover 2016(Claridge Hotel) Born and raised in Brighton, England, Binyomin was born into a family of music, and at an early age began playing the cello. Throughout his youth, he played in countless orchestras and ensembles, and played solo concerts too. 

During his years in College, in Manchester, England, he began studying with a couple of Rabbis, which lead him to travel to Israel to study in yeshiva upon his graduation. During his time in Israel, he met his wife, Gevura, and it was there where they began their married life. After a couple of kids, the Davises decided they would like to involve themselves in Jewish education and outreach work, and were accepted as fellows of the Community Kollel of Kansas City in 2007. 

In 2010, Binyomin assumed the role as Directer of the Kollel and the Davises remained in KC until the summer of 2015. During his 8 years in Kansas City, Binyomin built one of the mid-West's premier Jewish music bands - Lev Simcha. Playing and performing in multiple events and locations, Binyomin shared his passion for Jewish music with thousands and invigorated many s'machot with his lively and soulful music. 

In August 2015, the Davises moved to Philadelphia, where Binyomin is the Managing Director of Etz Chaim - an outreach Jewish center in Elkins Park PA. He has been invited to several Cities over the past decade to be the Chazan during chagim and yomim neraim, and joins Mendy Vim Holidays for Passover for the second year in a row. 

Mendy Vim

No picture here, he's camera shy, or more likely so busy taking care of everything, he doesn't take the time to stop for a photograph.

Those that know Mendy are familiar with his winning personality, his caring and experience, and his personal attention to every guest, many of whom become life long friends. We all know about his 40-year hotel management and Passover Program experience, and have seen first-hand his incredible skill in 'pulling it all together'. An indefatiguable bundle of energy with a completely calm and smiling demeanor, Mendy is most notable for his 'heart', he truly cares, and we're all reminded of it when he remembers our grandchildren's names or the minutest preferences we've told him in previous years.

No bio of Mendy is complete without mentioning his wonderful wife, Pauline (Peshie) and his equally wonderful children and grandchildren. Warm, friendly, capable, and attentive, they all pitch in with their contributions, and our Passover guests benefit!

Rabbi Dovid Cohen

Rabbi Dovid Cohen, Director of Community Outreach for Yachad, speaker, columnits for Mishopacha magazine, and author, speaker and lecturer for PAssover 2016 at Mendy Vim's Holidays(Heritage Resort) Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen is Director of Synagogues for Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester & Connecticut as well as Director of Community Outreach for Yachad both under the umbrella of the Orthodox Union (OU).  He served 14 years in the pulpit, most recently nine years as Rabbi of the Young Israel of the West Side, helping to make it one of the most popular and dynamic shuls in Manhattan. 

He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School and a Masters in Counseling from University of North Texas and sits as a rabbinical judge for the Beis Din of America.  He is also popular guest columnist for Mishpacha magazine.

His first book entitled "We're Almost There-Living with Patience, Perseverance and Purpose" was recently published by Mosaica Press and is being distributed by Feldheim.  It is currently available on Amazon and at local bookstores.

He is married to Ruchi Cohen, daughter of the Chief Rabbi of Austria and a Pediatric ICU Nurse at NYU Langone hospital.  They are the proud parents of 4 young children and reside on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Professor Naomi Klapper

Professor Naomi Klapper, Director of  Counseling   Services at Lander College for Women, at Mendy Vim's Holidays for Passover 2016 (Claridge Hotel) Professor Naomi Klapper has been a college professor since 1986, has served as faculty at Yeshiva University, Stern College for Women, Sy Syms School of Business, and Lander College, and is the Director of Counseling Services at Lander College for Women, serving as their Life Crisis Intervention Counselor. She is a faculty mentor to Lander faculty, and is frequently consulted on psychological aspects of Metropolitan Jewish community affairs.

In addition to teaching, Naomi Klapper is also a licensed clinical therapist and maintains a private practice in Manhattan. Professor Klapper has lectured throughout the tri-state area on a myriad of topics related to Parenting, Relationships, Marriage, and Wellness. She is the recipient of several teaching awards, including the “America’s Top Teachers” award. 

Professor Klapper resides in Teaneck, New Jersey with her husband and four children.

V'Samachta a'cappella Group

V'samachta a capella group entertainment through music and song at Mendy Vim's Holidays for Passover 2016(Claridge Hotel) Since 2009, V'samachta Music has been bringing high-quality Jewish music to a variety of events.

Their stirring Acapella renditions during yom tov meals and accompanying the davening is sure to contribute a wonderful atmosphere to our Passover Holiday!

Steven Howard

We welcome former international pro basketball player and Athletic Director/Varsity Basketball Coach of Rambam Mesivta High School Steven Howard as our Director of Athletics this Passover.

After concluding several successful pro seasons in Iceland, Ireland, and Cyprus, Steven coached the Marlborough Boys and Girls Club, was Physical Education Direcotor and Varsity Softball coach of North Shore Hebrew Academy, was Director of Basketball Programs/Assistant Athletic Facilities Manager at Camp Seneca Lake, was Basketball Coach at Camp Lavi, and currently is the Athletics Director at Rambam Mesivta High School in Lawrence, Long Island.

He has a B.S. from Saint Francis College, and was Jefferson Community College Men’s Basketball First Team All-American, and All-Time Leading Scorer. Steven will be running our terrific basketball clinics this Passover.


Chazzan Nachman Shneider

Hazzan Nachman Shneider of Congregation Beth El in Brooklyn, Chazzan at Mendy Vim's Holidays Passover 2016(Heritage Resort) Chazzan Nachman Schneider currently serves as the cantor of Congregation Beth El of Brooklyn. Having assumed his first cantorial position at the age of seventeen, he has also held cantorial posts at prestigious congregations such as Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst, and Shomrei Emunah of Brooklyn.

In addition to his regular position, he routinely accepts engagements as a cantor-in-residence in a wide variety of settings including Park East Synagogue, Synagogue for the Arts, and Mendy Vim’s Holidays. He also officiates at weddings, is a featured artist at various organizational functions and fund raisers, and gives nusach lessons as his schedule permits.

Cantor Schneider’s tenor voice is well suited for the cantorial tradition which he follows. His strict adherence to nusach, mastery of cantorial recitative, and diverse repertoire of congregational song combine with his “chazonishe krechtz” to evoke in listeners the memories and emotions of a bygone cantorial era. His familiarity with the style and spirit of the Golden Age of Cantorial Music does not preclude his own improvisation, which is, in fact, the centerpiece of cantorial art.

Cantor Schneider will be leading the Seder and the davening for us in a stirring recital of his own memorable syle.

Yoel Sharabi

Yoel Sharabi,Israeli national sensation, singer, musician, and perfoming artist, at Mendy Vim's Holidays Passover 2016 (both resorts) Yoel Sharabi, a native Sabra, has captivated audiences throughout the world with his wide repertoire and dynamic style. He is a master of modern Israeli, classic Yemenite, and popular Chassidic melodies. Delivering his songs in a variety of languages and styles, his charisma brings excitement to his music.

In concert halls and on stages throughout the world, Yoel's performances have brought an enthusiasm that is unparalleled. Along with his singing, Yoel is an accomplished musician. He is a skilled guitarist, and can hammer out an intricate tune on the Dumbek. Most widely known for his simultaneous playing of two flutes in perfect harmony, Yoel Sharabi reaches out and enthralls his audience with his unique combination of musicianship and stage presence.

Chef Michael Krakanovski

Executive Chef Michael Krakanovski at Mendy Vim Holidays Passover hotel vacationMeet Executive Chef Michael Krakanovski, fondly known as Mikey to appreciative gourmands worldwide. He has over three decades of culinary experience, and is a Tadmor Culinary School graduate. (Israel) Michael worked for intecontinental hotel divisions, in the Hotel Edelweiss in the Swiss Alps, and in the finest hotels and restaurants in Israel, along with parts of Europe.

Currently working in New York City, Michael presides over our Passover kitchens and delights our guests with one exquisite dish after another. He continually presents us with deliciously prepared timeless favorites, unusual new dishes, and new twists on traditional dishes.

Ethel & Sammy Waiss

Sam & Ethel will once again be joining us with family fun activities, trips, Chol Hamoed excursions and wine tastings. They add enjoyment to the Pesach program with their fun-filled activities.

Guthrie Brothers

The Guthrie brothers singing a Simon & Garfinkel tribute at Mendy Vim's Holidays Passover Hotel Jeb and Jock Guthrie are two multi-talented brothers that have been playing and singing together since they were kids, composing and writing harmony-driven guitar songs about events in their lives.

Returning to Vim's Holidays again this year, our guests particularly enjoy their melodious voices and their Simon and Garfunkel tribute show, with the Guthries performing major Simon & Garfunkel hits such as 'Mrs. Robinson', and the ever popular 'Scarborough Fair'.

Morah Ruthie Berkowitz

Morah Ruthie Berkowitz from Moriah School in Englewood, N.J. our Day Camp Director at the Heritage with Mendy Vim's Holidays Passover 2016 (Heritage Resort) Fondly known as 'Morah Ruthie' by her many admirers and former students, Ruthie brings her lively enthusiasm and total professionalism to everything she does.

Morah Ruthie is delighted to be joining us for her fifth year as Director of the Mendy Vim Pesach Day Camp at the Heritage. A beloved teacher in the early childhood department of Moriah School in Englewood, N.J. for over 18 years, the children light up her life, whether at school or at Mendy Vim's Passover program.

In the past, she has directed Day Camps at other hotels, and also ran her own playgroup. She is looking forward to a wonderful Pesach with you and your children.

Nadine Hordish

Nadine Hordish from Ramaz School in New York City our Day Camp Director at the Claridge Hotel with Mendy Vim's Holidays Passover 2016(Claridge Hotel) We welcome Nadine Hordish as our amazing Day Camp Director in the Claridge Hotel, Atlantic City.

Nadine brings with her over ten years experience running day camp programs at Pesach and Succot hotels. She works at the prestigious Ramaz high school and is full of energy, creativity, and has great organizational skills. She knows that your Yom Tov will be even more amazing as your children enjoy their amazing days in camp.

Joanne Israel

(Heritage Resort) Joanne is a graduate of Brooklyn College in Education and Psychology and had over 5 years of teaching and administration experience before turning to a career in hotel management and hospitality. Her experience spans over thirty years,16 of which have been with Mendy Vim.

As Director of Sales for Vim's Holidays, she is responsible for developing reservation packages, coordinating specific needs for our guests and has a deep sense of pride in bringing a fulfilling Passover experience to fruition for each guest.



Passover at Chalet Vim 1974 with Mendy Vim's Holidays
The Passover that started it all

Fulfilling the Kosher family's growing demand for an all-inclusive, high-quality Passover Hotel experience, Mendy Vim founded Vim's Holidays over 38 years ago. Originally as owner & operator of Vim's Hotel in upstate New York, and in successive highly successful years at various wonderful locations, Mendy combined his considerable hotel management experience with his terrific flair for 'pulling it all together'.

Blessed with the personal touch, Mendy has delighted many hundreds of guests and families with a Passover experience combining superior accommodations and amenities, meaningful Passover services, gourmet Glatt Kosher cuisine, elaborate Seders, and meticulous attention to his every guest's needs.

Passover 1996 and Passover 1998 in Newport Rhode ISland at the Viking Hotel with Mendy Vim's Holidays
Sail away to Newport, RI

Mendy Vim serves up Passover 1996 at the award-winning Viking Hotel atop Newport's Historic Hill, with breathtaking views of Bellevue Avenue and Newport, the sailing capitol of the world. Just minutes from the waterfront, the famous Newport Mansions, and nearby historical colonial sites, Passover in Newport was the superb setting for many wonderful family reunions.

Vim's Holidays recreated some history of our own, and revisited this location for another successful Passover season in 1998.

Passover 1997 and Passover 2000 in Virginia Beach with Mendy Vim's Holidays
Vim's Holidays comes to Virginia

Sunny skies, secluded beaches, friendly people and mouth-watering cuisine, a great Passover program at every vacationer's paradise.

This hotel and location were so popular with our guests, we hosted an encore Passover program here for Passover 2000!

Passover 1998 at the Tarreytown Hilton with Mendy Vim's Holidays
The Tarrytown Hilton, Westchester, N.Y. or the Viking Hotel, Newport, R.I.

Our two choice locations for Passover 1998: the luxurious Tarrytown Hilton in oh-so-convenient-to-N.Y.C. Westchester, New York; And by overwhelming demand, Passover at the incomparable Viking Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island again...

Passover 1999 at the Equinox in Manchester Vermont with Mendy Vim's Holidays
Verdant Vermont

A superb New England location, a challenging golf course- ranked one of the "Top 75 courses in the U.S." by Golf Digest, a world class Spa, and wonderful accommodations .

Passover 2000 at the Hyatt Regency in Savannnah Georgia with Mendy Vim's Holidays
Pretty as a Peach

Savannah, Georgia and its historic riverfront are the backdrop for our very special Passover at the Hyatt Regency, Savannah Georgia, a full-service waterfront hotel. A riverboat ride, trolley, or a leisurely stroll through the surrounding fabled neighborhood unveil stately Georgia homes, landmark architecture, and the sights that have made Savannah famous.

Passover 2001 at the Adamsmark Hotel iN Colorado Springs Colorado, the Sheraton Hyannis Port, Cape Cod, and the Hunt Valley Marriot, Maryland with Mendy Vim's Holidays
Passover at the Adamsmark Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Vim's Holidays out west: Sky-piercing peaks and mythic fly-fishing waters, Pikes Peak National Forest and Red Rock Canyon, enough skiing, climbing, and outdoor activities for the most avid would-be sportsman, amidst an elegant traditional passover celebration.

Also this year, two choices for Passover 2001 on the east coast: Vim's Holidays at the Hunt Valley Marriot, Maryland and at the Sheraton Hyannis Port, Cape Cod.

Passover 2002, 2003, and 2004 at the Mount Washington Hotel Franconia Notch New Hampshire with Mendy Vim's Holidays
The Mount Washington Hotel, New Hampshire

Some of the most beautiful scenery in the eastern United States is home to the Mount Washington Hotel, atop New Hampshire's famed White Mountains. Visited by Presidents and celebrities alike for generations, this magnificent resort played host to our Passover programs in 2002, 2003, and 2004.

Additionally in 2004: Vim's Holidays reprises our Passover program at the Tarrytown Hilton, for our non-trekking guests.

Passover 2006 , 2007 and 2008 at the Cliff House Ogonquit Maine and Passover 2006 at the Sheraton Parsippany NJ with Mendy Vim's Holidays
Passover in the Cliff House Resort, Ogunquit, Maine and the Sheraton Parsippany, New Jersey

Perched on a cliff top in pristine unspoiled Maine, a sumptuous Passover with clifftop dining, indoor and outdoor swimming and vanishing edge pools, health club, pounding surf and private cliff walkways, a world class Spa, and every room overlooking the water. A spectacular hotel, awesome scenery, and enviable environment- this resort has it all.

Also this year: Our home is your castle, at the Sheraton Parsippany, New Jersey, a traditionally elegant Passover experience centrally located in New Jersey.

Passover 2008 at the Heritage Resort Southbury Connecticut with Mendy Vim's Holidays, the start of an eight year Passover program at the Heritage
Passover at the Heritage Hotel and Pomperaug Golf Course, Southbury, Connecticut

Tucked away in northwest Connecticut's Lichfield Hills, the Heritage Hotel & Spa, with its championship golf, health club, indoor and outdoor pools, racquetball, tennis, rock gardens, bike riding and Spa is the perfect setting for a week-long Passover celebration of our heritage and traditions. An ever popular destination with our Passover guests, our smash hit Passover at the Heritage continues, for eight straight years, up to and including Passover 2016.

We continue our Passover program at the Cliff House, offering choice holiday locations convenient to New York, New Jersey, and all of New England and revisit this popular Passover location again in 2009.

Passover 2011 at the Grand Hotel, Cape May New Jersey and the Heritage Resort in Southbury Connecticut with Mendy Vim's Holidays
Passover 2011 at The Grand Hotel, Cape May, New Jersey or the Heritage Hotel, Southbury, Connecticut

Victorian Cape May at the southern tip of New Jersey plays host to our sun filled, fun filled, oceanfront family Passover holiday program. A treasure trove of exploration- by trolley, surrey, pirate ship, horse-and-buggy or on foot, Cape May's fabled Victorian homes, historic lighthouses, and miles of sandy beaches were a delight!

Passover 2015 at the Gideon Putnam Resort Saratoga Springs New York and the Heritage Resort Southbury Connecticut with Mendy Vim's Holidays
The Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs, NY or the Heritage, Southbury, CT

A unique boutique Pesach in one of New York State’s jewels: a gorgeous landmark hotel set within stunning Saratoga Spa State Park, a destination resort for over 150 years, featuring spouting geysers, horse drawn carriage rides, the world famous Roosevelt mineral baths and Spa, miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, and an iconic georgian-style hotel lovingly resotored to its original, elegant, old-world charm.

Closer to home, the Heritage ZResort plays host to our seventh straight year at this ever polular resort.