Every tradition has a Beginning

Ours was founded on outstanding service.

It all began in 1974 at our first Passover holiday celebration, at Chalet Vim in Woodbourne, New York.

Fulfilling the Kosher family's growing demand for an all-inclusive, superior-quality Passover Hotel experience, Mendy combined his considerable prior hotel management experience with his terrific flair for 'pulling it all together', and 'Mendy Vim's Holidays' was born.

And so our Passover tradition began. Forty years later, our 40-year-tradition of caring and experience is deeply embedded in every Passover program, and is evident in everything we do.

It's no surprise that many of our guests keep coming back!

Blessed with the 'personal touch', Mendy (and our team) pay close attention to your every detail and provide superb hospitality with attentive and immaculate service. We treat each guest as part of our family, with a warm and intimate atmosphere and the utmost attention to your needs. Our many guests, from the tri-state area, Boston, California, and abroad return to us each Pesach for a wonderful experience to relive their special memories, and to create new memories once more.

Whether it's your first year with us or your second, fourth, or fortieth, we look forward to welcoming you to an incomparable holiday experience. Let us give you a chance to settle in, celebrate, relax, and reconnect with your loved ones, for isn't that what traditions are all about?

Our caring and dedicated staff take pride in enhancing your Pesach Yom Tov experience. Do you have a special request? Do you need a boxed lunch? Can't find your activity? Do you need special seating? We're here to help.

Talk to any one of our committed professional staff, and we'll take care of all your concerns. Our warm and gracious hospitality hostesses, dining room hostesses, and immaculate wait staff are experienced in providing the utmost in service.

Find out more about our star studded cast of internationally renowned speakers, inspiring lecturers, and entertainers. Our noted Scholars-in-residence, lecturers, musicians, Cantors, singers, and a terrific lineup of additional performers for nightly Chol Hamoed shows are all dedicated in enhancing your Pesach vacation.

Our superb program director and licensed Day Camp director will keep all of our Passover guests (of every age, from one to one hundred!) busy from morning to night.

Our 40 year Tradition

It all began in 1974 at our first Passover holiday celebration, at Chalet Vim in Woodbourne, New York. Fulfilling the Kosher family's growing demand for an all-inclusive, superior-quality Passover Hotel experience, Mendy combined his considerable prior hotel management experience with his terrific flair for 'pulling it all together', and 'Mendy Vim's Holidays' was born. From Maine to Savannah, or Newport to Colorado, at each inspiring locale we offer everything you have ever wanted in a Kosher Passover Vacation.


Meet Our Team

Mendy Vim

No picture here, he's camera shy, or more likely so busy taking care of everything, he doesn't take the time to stop for a photograph.

Those that know Mendy are familiar with his winning personality, his caring and experience, and his personal attention to every guest, many of whom become life long friends. We all know about his 40-year hotel management and Passover Program experience, and have seen first-hand his incredible skill in 'pulling it all together'. An indefatiguable bundle of energy with a completely calm and smiling demeanor, Mendy is most notable for his 'heart', he truly cares, and we're all reminded of it when he remembers our grandchildren's names or the minutest preferences we've told him in previous years.

No bio of Mendy is complete without mentioning his wonderful wife, Pauline (Peshie) and his equally wonderful children and grandchildren. Warm, friendly, capable, and attentive, they all pitch in with their contributions, and our Passover guests benefit!

Rabbi Dovid Hirsch

Rabbi Dovid Hirsch, Morah D’Asra of Kehillas Beis Yosef of Passaic-Clifton, New   Jersey, scholar-in-residenceRabbi Dovid Hirsch is a Rosh Yeshiva at Rabbeinu Isaac Elchanan Seminary, Yeshiva University in New York City. He is also Morah D’Asra of Kehillas Beis Yosef of Passaic-Clifton, New Jersey. Rabbi Hirsch has been a scholar -in- residence and guest speaker throughout the U.S. and Israel.

He is married to Miriam Hirsch and has five daughters. This will be his sixth Pesach with Mendy Vim’s Holidays.

Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt MD

Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD, assistant Rabbi at South Shore in Hewlett, New York and notable scholar-in-residenceRabbi Dr. Glatt is the Associate Rabbi at Congregation Anshei Chesed in Hewlett, NY and Assistant to the Rabbi at the Young Israel of Woodmere. Rabbi Glatt is Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre.

Board certified in both internal medicine and infectious diseases, he innovated a course at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine entitled “Faith and Medicine: An Oxymoron?.”

Rabbi Dr. Glatt has been an invited international speaker on medicine and Jewish law in Israel, Russia, Canada, Central America and throughout the US. He has authored two seforim, 'Visiting the Sick' and 'Women in the Talmud.'

Professor Naomi Klapper

Professor Naomi Klapper has been a college professor since1986,has served as faculty at Yeshiva University, Stern College for Women, Sy Syms School of Business, and Lander College, and is the Director of Counseling Services at Lander College for Women, serving as their Life Crisis Intervention Counselor. She is a faculty mentor to Lander faculty, and is frequently consulted on psychological aspects of Metropolitan Jewish community affairs.

In addition to teaching, Naomi Klapper is also a licensed clinical therapist and maintains a private practice in Manhattan. Professor Klapper has lectured throughout the tri-state area on a myriad of topics related to Parenting, Relationships, Marriage, and Wellness. She is the recipient of several teaching awards, including the “America’s Top Teachers” award. 

Professor Klapper resides in Teaneck, New Jersey with her husband and four children.

Chazzan Nachman Shneider

Hazzan Nachman Shneider of Congregation Beth El in BrooklynChazzan Nachman Schneider currently serves as the cantor of Congregation Beth El of Brooklyn. Having assumed his first cantorial position at the age of seventeen, he has also held cantorial posts at prestigious congregations such as Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst, and Shomrei Emunah of Brooklyn.

In addition to his regular position, he routinely accepts engagements as a cantor-in-residence in a wide variety of settings including Park East Synagogue, Synagogue for the Arts, and Mendy Vim’s Holidays. He also officiates at weddings, is a featured artist at various organizational functions and fund raisers, and gives nusach lessons as his schedule permits.

Cantor Schneider’s tenor voice is well suited for the cantorial tradition which he follows. His strict adherence to nusach, mastery of cantorial recitative, and diverse repertoire of congregational song combine with his “chazonishe krechtz” to evoke in listeners the memories and emotions of a bygone cantorial era. His familiarity with the style and spirit of the Golden Age of Cantorial Music does not preclude his own improvisation, which is, in fact, the centerpiece of cantorial art.

Cantor Schneider will be leading the Seder and the davening for us in a stirring recital of his own memorable syle.

Yoel Sharabi

Yoel Sharabi,Israeli national sensation, singer, musician, and perfoming artist

Yoel Sharabi, a native Sabra, has captivated audiences throughout the world with his wide repertoire and dynamic style. He is a master of modern Israeli, classic Yemenite, and popular Chassidic melodies. Delivering his songs in a variety of languages and styles, his charisma brings excitement to his music.

In concert halls and on stages throughout the world, Yoel's performances have brought an enthusiasm that is unparalleled. Along with his singing, Yoel is an accomplished musician. He is a skilled guitarist, and can hammer out an intricate tune on the Dumbek. Most widely known for his simultaneous playing of two flutes in perfect harmony, Yoel Sharabi reaches out and enthralls his audience with his unique combination of musicianship and stage presence.

Rabbi Sholom Steinig

Rabbi Sholom and Judi Steinig have been dedicated to service of the Jewish community for most of their adult lives, helping all populations from young children to senior citizens.

Rabbi Steinig has been Mara d'Asra of the Young Israel of Bayside since 1980. He held the position of Menahel-Principal at the Beth Jacob-Beth Miriam School in Pelham Parkway for many years, and has taught in several New York area day schools. He is the Jewish Chaplain at the Kings Harbor Multi-Care Center in the Bronx. A popular speaker, Rabbi Steinig is also known for his expertise and love for baseball and its history, especially its impact on the Jewish community.

Rebbetzin Judi Steinig

Rabbi Sholom and Judi Steinig have been dedicated to service of the Jewish community for most of their adult lives, helping all populations from young children to senior citizens.

Rebbetzin Judi Steinig is the Associate Director of Community Services at the Orthodox Union (OU), after 16 years as Director of Programming for the National Council of Young Israel. She provides resources and assistance to synagogues and sisterhoods, in addition to coordinating programming for singles, women, seniors and their caregivers, families and Rebbetzins. She has lectured in many venues regarding navigating the dating process for singles and their parents, as well as on various other women's and parenting issues. She is also an Adjunct Professor in Leadership Studies at Bellevue University.

Rabbi and Mrs. Steinig have four children and three grandchildren, bli ayin hara.

Michael Krakanovski

Michael Krakanovski, our talented and creative Passover chef Michael, our talented chief Chef, has over three decades of culinary experience. A Tadmor Culinary School graduate, (Israel) Michael worked for intecontinental hotel divisions, in the Hotel Edelweiss in the Swiss Alps,and in the finest hotels and restaurants in Israel, along with parts of Europe.

Currently working in New York City, Michael presides over our Passover kitchens and delights our guests with one exquisite dish after another.

Ethel & Sammy Waiss

Sam & Ethel will once again be joining us with family fun activities, trips, Chol Hamoed excursions and wine tastings. They add enjoyment to the Pesach program with their fun-filled activities.

Guthrie Brothers

The Guthrie brothers singing a Simon & Garfinkel tribute

Jeb and Jock Guthrie are two multi-talented brothers that have been playing and singing together since they were kids, composing and writing harmony-driven guitar songs about events in their lives.

Returning to Vim's Holidays again this year, our guests particularly enjoy their melodious voices and their Simon and Garfunkel tribute show, with the Guthries performing major Simon & Garfunkel hits such as 'Mrs. Robinson', and the ever popular 'Scarborough Fair'.

Morah Ruthie Berkowitz

Morah Ruthie Berkowitz from Moriah School in Englewood, N.J.is our Day Camp Director

Fondly known as 'Morah Ruthie' by her many admirers and former students, Ruthie brings her lively enthusiasm and total professionalism to everything she does.

Morah Ruthie is delighted to be joining us for her fourth year as Director of the Mendy Vim Pesach Day Camp. A beloved teacher in the early childhood department of Moriah School in Englewood, N.J. for over 18 years, the children light up her life, whether at school or at Mendy Vim's Passover program.

In the past, she has directed Day Camps at other hotels, and also ran her own playgroup. She is looking forward to a wonderful Pesach with you and your children.

Joanne Israel

Joanne is a graduate of Brooklyn College in Education and Psychology and had over 5 years of teaching and administration experience before turning to a career in hotel management and hospitality. Her experience spans over thirty years,16 of which have been with Mendy Vim.

As Director of Sales for Vim's Holidays, she is responsible for developing reservation packages, coordinating specific needs for our guests and has a deep sense of pride in bringing a fulfilling Passover experience to fruition for each guest.